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Miyerkules, Hulyo 06, 2011


My L o v e...
(by November rain)

Sometimes you have to fight for something you believed
to make everything alright
You give your best and you give your all just to make it work
But still you lose, till you get tired …

Giving up?
They say it’s easy to give up someone who hurts you so much
Is it true or not… 
how would I know, when everything I want to do is keeping you,
coz. I cant get you out of my dreams
no matter how much I tried
& I'm tired...

My reverie is obscuring me to the daze of darkness, 
every time I close my eyes.
The memory of your undying love is reassuring me 
Oh, Dear God, please open my heart
brings me back to life
Let me feel the serenity of love.

I promised myself I would not cry.
Then a silent tear falls from my eye. 
What did I do, what did I say,
To make you change your mind,
the day you went away. 
Another day comes & goes,
I want to write, but I can’t.
I know.,You said you needed me more than I needed you,
Why would you say that, if you knew it wasn't true? 
Why did you say you loved me? 
Then turn around and set me free?

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