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Huwebes, Marso 15, 2012

Her name is Kerra Elaiza Dino (Finalist Search for Miss Panabo 2012)

Ms Kerra Elaiza Dino,
 representing Brgy. JP Laurel
She's a  Princess (Isn't she?)
She's a good friend

She  Bangs (look @ the execution, just perfect huh!)

She's  a sleeping beauty
She's a Teacher ( a very noble job)
This girl amaze me in so many ways, here are some qualities which made me fall for  her:
                          She is an English Teacher II at MaryKnOLLHiGhScHooLOfPaNaBO
                          She is 22 years old (born on April 1991)
                          Studied BSE  Major in English at  The University of Southern Mindanao 
                          Lives in Panabo City
           SHE SAYS:
                          If the sun has not been made , I would probably be the hottest thing on earth..
  As far as the domain of truth or understanding the meaning of life I do not subscribe to the fact that I  am better off in understanding it.                                                     

"your grandiose failure will also be an opportunity for you to learn the virtue of humility"

"Talent means next to nothing while experience acquired humility and hardwork"
♥ I easily forget things.
♥ Once I begin to hate the food, I'll never eat it for the rest of my life!
♥ I can't stick to one shampoo brand.
♥ I actually grown up with more guy friends than lady friends.. no drama.. no bitching.
♥ I break traditions sometimes.
♥ Madali lang akong i-please.
♥ I don't like plastics, who talk shits behind me.
♥ I feel so naked without my earrings :)
♥ I'm perpetual pikon.
♥ I don't read much.
♥ I don't cook food.
♥ I don't eat veggies.
♥ I have train myself not to remember dates and names too well if it is not necessary.
♥ I get easily disheartened with small issues and I'm very emotional.. So I easily shed tears.
♥ I can't eat without a prayer as a starter.
♥ The future of music doesn't rest in me.
♥ I'm lactose intolerant.
♥ I talk too much.
♥ My mood swings.
♥ I go mad on a bad day.
♥ I'm stupidly frank.

to know more ABOUT HER please see: kerra

3 komento:

  1. guys Mss Kerra is now the crowed Ms Panabo 2012... i will be posting the highlight of the you ms kerra ,,,.,.. Congratulations!!! i heard that "nilampaso mo silang lahat sa Q and A!!

  2. In behalf of Ms. Kerra Dino, we (admins) would like to thank you for your support. DAGHANG SALAMAT!

    Winning the crown is not yet the end but the beginning of another journey in the service of Panaboans. Hence, let's give her our unwavering support as she faces new challenges as the reigning Mutya ng Panabo!

    CONGRATULATIONS KERRA, Mutya ng Panabo 2012!!!!!