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Miyerkules, Hulyo 06, 2011

The sparkle in your eye, What Love got to do?

The warmth of your skin.
Your breath on my neck,
That shakes me within.
The touch of your hand,
The smell of your hair.
The naughtiness in your smile,
That strength in your stare.-norainne

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  1. I’m worth all things that
    money can buy .
    I’m worth all the respect
    I’ll get till I die.
    I’m worth the world -
    each country, each state.
    I’m worth each diamond,
    each color, each shape.
    I’m worth more then cars
    driving around.
    worth more then the sun
    when it’s up or when it’s down.
    I’m worth more then each one of those
    stars in the sky
    I’m worth it, because I’m worth it
    in your eyes.-norainne

  2. How Do I Know I Love You?
    How do I know I love you? Even though we’re far apart, You’ll always be here in my heart. Through thick and thin we’ve been through You know I’ll always be with you.
    As you hold me in your arms And also tease me with your charms, I know you’ll always comfort me, And that is how I want to be, In a paradise for two, That’s how I know I love you

  3. LOVE” is not about finding the right person in your life, but the most important thing for creation the right relationship. It’s not about how much love you have in the beginning, but how much love you build till the end of life.

  4. I’m drowning because of so much pain.I feel all alone here in the rain I don’t look the same,‘Cause I’m so insane.I can’t reach your heart,‘Cause we’re far apart,Can’t even touch your hand That for me is so bland.
    Tonight I feel so depressed And now I need to be caressed.And so I knelt and prayed to someone up above
    To bring me closer to you, my LOVE.
    Silent words across a screen. How could they mean so much to me.I promised myself I would not cry. Then a silent tear falls from my eye.What did I do, what did I say,To make you change your mind, the day you went away.Everyday, waiting for a sign To let me know, you might still want to be mind.Andother day comes and goes,I want to write, but I can’t, I know.You said you needed me more than I needed you,Why would you say that, if you knew it wasn’t true?Why did you say you loved me?Then turn around and set me free? I love you and want you,But I know I can’t make you love me.-norainne