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Martes, Enero 24, 2012

Up Up and Away!

An amazing view from  27thousand ft high above  Mindanao Island
 ( scroll down for the whole story)

Zamboanga International Airport (Filipino (Tagalog): Paliparang Pandaigdig ng Zamboanga; Chavacano and Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de Zamboanga) (IATA: ZAM, ICAO: RPMZ) is the main airport serving Zamboanga City in the Philippines. The airport is Mindanao's third-busiest airport after Francisco Bangoy International Airport in Davao City and Lumbia Airport in Cagayan de Oro City.[2] It is the gateway to one of Southeast Asia's fastest growing business and culture hubs and to the entire western Mindanao area. The airport covers a total land area of 270 hectares.

The airport is officially classified as an international airport by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, the same agency that runs not only Zamboanga International Airport, but all other airports in the Philippines except the major international airports.[3]

 My bording pass (Zamboanga City to Davao City)

 The Airphil Express an  aircraft that flew 21thousand ft high and
 despite of its  small size compare to other airlines, I was then quite  optimistic that the ride will be  bumpy and  exciting. (ofcourse!).

(please see my next travel story "The perfect Landing @ Davao International Airport".)

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