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Sabado, Agosto 13, 2011


Till There Was You
(version of Jeni)
There were bells on a hill 
But I never heard them ringing 
No, I never heard them at all  
Till there was you  

There were birds in the sky  
But I never saw them singing 
No, I never saw them at all 
Till there was you  

Then there was music 
and wonderful roses  
They tell me  in sweet fragrant 
meadows  of dawn and dew  

There was love all around  
But I never heard it singing  
No, I never heard it at all  

Till there was you 
Till there was you  

[Repeat CHORUS] 
[Repeat 3rd Stanza] 

Uhuh  Till there was you, 
hoh  Till there was you 

"You are my soul mate, my sweetheart, you are my dream come true, from now until the end of time I give my heart and soul to you."-alhcjo30
This video  is heartily   dedicated to; DAVID and CHRISTY .......I believed that the hardship and  sacrifices that  you made before having each other  turned to be  just a piece of cake..., now that you finally found each other... May the Good LOrd Bless and Protect you from any form of obstacles.. Wishing you all the best in life.. God Bless-jeni  
(p/s.. I sang it personally...)

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