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Linggo, Agosto 21, 2011

It's Quiz Time V

1.)  Other that New York, which city has an airport named after John F Kennedy?
2.)   From which English city did Concorde make its maiden flight?
3.)  On which river does city of Geneva stands?
4.) The Gulf of Bothnia lies between which two North European countries?
5.)  Shah Jahan is best known for building which Indian monument?
6.) Which cathedral in  South Germany has the world’s tallest church spire?
7.) Tehran  is the capital of which country?-Iran
8.) Which Flavian amphitheatre was built in the gardens of Nero’s Palace?
9.)  I n which   Italian city is the San Siro football stadium?
10.) At which British sporting venue would you find the Valley of Sin?
11.) Which Filipino boxer was named “ the pac-man”?
12.) In which game do you bulley off?
13.) Who is the patron saint of hopeless causes?
14.) A sky with altocumulus clouds shares its name with what type of fish?
15.) In which year did the U.S. Civil War started?-
16.) What is a laver bread made from?
17.) Which of the seven wonders of the world was built to honor the Greek goddess of hunting?
18.) Did the Egyptian God Anubis, have the head of a cobra, jackal or a falcon?
19.) In which 2001 film does Sandra Bullock play an undercover cop in a beauty contest?
20.) Which Russian town was  the site of a nuclear disaster in April 1986?
21.) The year 2000 was a Chinese year of what
22.) Which country lies immediately south of Egypt?
23.) Which capital city is serve by Orly Airport?
24.) The fruits of which plant are sold in America under the name of tuna?
25.) Which singing voice comes between soprano and contralto?
26.) Which American artist was nicknamed Jack the Dripper?
27.) From which chemical compound are mothballs made?
28.) What part of the body was also the name of a unit of currency in El Salvador?
29.) Which birds ere used by miners to detect poisonous gases in mines?
30.) Where in the human body is bile stored?
31.) What was the medical condition D.V.T. stand for?
32.) What is the medical name of the breastbone?
33.) In the human body where would you find the oval window and a round window?
34.) What type of blood cells are responsible r transporting oxygen around the body?
35.) The renal artery supplies blood to which organ?
36.) Which element has the lowest boiling point?
37.) What are helium, neon, xenon, krypton and radon?
38.) Which animal has the largest brain?
39.) To which fish family does goldfish belong?
40.) What is the young otter called?
41.) Of all the rivers in the world which contains the greatest amount of water?
42.)  Dinosaurs were mammals: true or false?
43.) What does dinosaur literally mean in English: fearsome reptile, terrible reptile or giant beast?
44.) Which part of the flower contain pollen?
45.) What is male badger called?
46.)  Brimstone is the old name for which element?
47.) What is measured on the Richter Scale?
48.) By area what is the largest country in Africa?
49.) What is the most highly populated city in China?
50.) What is pyrophobia fear of?

     1.)   La Paz(Bolivia)
     2.)    Bristol
     3.)    Rhone 
     4.)     Finland &Sweden
      5.)   The Taj Mahal 
      6.)   Ulm Cathedral
      7.) Iran
     8.) Colosseum
     9.)   Milan
    10.)  St. Andrew’s golf course
    11.)  Manny Pacquiao
    12.)  Hockey
    13.)  St. Jude
    14.)    Mackerel
    15.)   1861
    16.)    Seaweed
    17.)  The Temple of Artemis
    18.)   Jackal
    19.)   Miss Congeniality
    20.)  Chernobyl
    21.)   The year of the Dragon
    22.)   Sudan
    23.)   Paris
    24.)   Prickly pear cactus
    25.)   Mezzo-soprano
    26.)   Jackson Pollock 
    27.)   Naphthalene
    28.)   Colon
    29.)   The canary
    30.)  Gall Bladder
    31.)   Deep Vein Thrombosis
    32.)   Sternum
    33.)   In the ear
    34.)   Red blood cells
    35.)   Kidney
    36.)   Helium
    37.)   Noble gasses
    38.)  Sperm Whale
    39.)  Carp 
    40.)  Whelp
    41.)  The Amazon
    42.)  False(they were reptiles) 
    43.)  Terrible lizard
    44.)  Anther
    45.)  Boar
    46.)  Sulphur 
    47.)  Earthquake
    48.)  Sudan
    49.)  Shanghai
    50.)  Fire

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