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Sabado, Hulyo 09, 2011

My Religion

the church of "mongcadista" in samal island....
this picture shows the beautiful angle of the church,
  my daughter colin ( the one wearing orange blouse
 & white skirt.) is in a hurry going up to the ladder while my niece xena waited  nearby.
LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
 Remind me that my days are numbered, 
and that my life is fleeing away (Psalm 119:4-nlt)
Everything comes from God alone.
Everything lives by his power.
and  Everything is for his glory. (Romans 11:36-lb)
May the LORD smile on you...(Numbers 6:25-nlt)
Love means living the way God commanded us
to live. As you have heard  from the beginning,'his command is this: Live a life  of love (2 John 1:16-ncv) 

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