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Sabado, Hulyo 30, 2011

It's Quiz Time II (General Knowledge)

1.   Derdrophobia is the morbid fear of what?
2. What is unusual about the word facetious?
3.The name of which Parisian night club translates into English as  redwindmill?
4.What word of Japanese origin literally translates into English as Harbor Wave?
5.What English word derived from the Italian meaning little ball: ballot, balloon or ballet?
6.Is a Rotonda a round domed building?
7.If the body of an animal is described as lanate, what is it covered in?
8.If canine equals dogs what does vulpine equal?
9.What is the three-word motto at Grandgind in the Dickens novel Hard Times?
10.Who wrote the play the Odd Couple?
11.Who played the President of the United States in the film DAVE?
12.Dove cottage in Grasmere was the home of which famous poet?
13.If the dish is described as chantilly what is it garnished with?
14.Which US actress was married to Frank Sinatra, Arti Shaw and Micky Romey?
15.What was the Buddy Holly's real first name?
16.Founded in 1903, what was the name of England's first Garden City?
17.Which teenager recorded he album Voice of an Angel in 1999?
18.If a substance is described a stannic, what metal does it contains?
19.How is the year 2000 written in Roman Numerals?
20.The year 1971 is the Chinese year  of the what?
21.Where in Utah is the headquarters of the Mormon Religion?
22.Which are the only birds able to fly backwards?
23.What is the capital City  of Australia?
24.Who was the first elected lady  President of the Philippines?
25.In May 1994 the Channel Tunnel was officially opened at  which English Port?
26.What is a Velodrome?
27.Who was the first person who sailed single-handed non-stop around the  word?
28.On the body of the horse where is the dock?
29.In what type of an object would you find a rampart above an escapement?
30.Who slept on the teapot at the Mad Hatter's tea party?
31.Is the phlebitis the inflammation of the eye, a vein or the gums?
32 Which vitamins is found in the citrus fruits? 
33.Which Alfred Hitchcock thriller was set mainly at Bodega Bay? 
34.What was the infamous London address of the murdered John Christie? 
35.What is the more common name for magnesium silicate? 
36.What type of passenger plane made its maiden flight  in February 1969? 
37.In the 1950's which war did the Treaty of Panmunjon End? 
38.Who was the Roman Emperor when Jesus was crucified?
39.Which country is the largest producer of tobacco?4
40.Is the Zygomatic bone in the cheek, on the chin or in the nose? 
41.What is the Nikkei in Tokyo? 
42.In Mythology, what was the drink of the Gods? 
43.Which Indian City is served by DumDum Airport?
44.What is the nearest Capital City to the Equator?
45.What is the National Sports of Japan?
46.What is the lowest female singing voice?
47.If I were serve, dig, spike or set, what sport would I be laying?
48.How many substitutes is a water polo team allowed to make?
49.In 63 BC who became the first  Roman Emperor? 
50.How many events are there in the Heptathlon?

( 1. Tress)
(2.  all the vowels appear in order)
(3.  Moulin Rouge)
(4. Tsunami )
(5.  Ballot )
(6. True)
( 7. Wool )
( 8. Fox )
(9.   Facts, facts, facts)
(10.  Niel Simon )
( 11. Kevin Kline)
(12.  William Wordsworth)
(13.  whipped cream)
(14.  Ava Gardner)
( 15. Charles)
(17.  Charlotte Church)
 (18.  TIN )
(19.  MM)
(20.  The year of the Boar)
 (21.  Salt Lake City )
(22.  Humming birds )
 (23. Canberra )
(24.  Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino )
(25.  Folkestone)
(26.  Cycle Racing Track)
 (27.  Robin Knox Johnson )
(28.  Tail )
(29.  A Clock )
(30.  The Dormouse)
(31.  A Vein )
(32.  Vitamin C )
(33.  The Birds)
 (34.  10 Rillington Place )
(35.  Talcum Powder)
(36.  Boeing 747 )
(37.   The Korean War )
(38.  Tiberius)
(39.  China)
(40.  The cheek)
(41.  Stock Exchange )
(42.  Nectar )
(43.  Calcutta)
(44.  Quito,  Capital of Equador)
(45. Sumo Wrestling)
(46.  Contralto)
(47.  Volleyball)
(48.  four)
(49.  Augustus Caesar)
(50.  Seven )

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