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Biyernes, Hulyo 08, 2011

Greatest Love Of All (Instrumental, with lyrics)

marek, cris & aaron, 
my boys..
is my 8 year old son..
 loves everything in
 the forest,
 he wants to become a
 " doctor".

marek & aaron(right)-
is my yougest child,
 his ambition in life is
 to become a pilot,
a doctor or  a captain of
his own ship  someday..

 is my pretty daughter
 who wants to become
 a  police officer  someday..
they called their group "the pretty ones"
xena wants to become  a  journalist,
 colin always wanted to  become a police officer
 & baracday dreamed  to  become a  teacher 
in the future...

  My daughter/My son...

when you were born I held you in my arms and just kept smiling at you. You always smiled back your big eyes wide open full of love. Now as I watch you grow up and become your own person, I look at you your laughter your happiness your simplicity your beauty and I wonder where the world will be in fifteen years. I just hope that you will be able to enjoy a life of sensitivity goodness accomplishment and love in a world that is at peace, But most of all I want you to know that I am very proud of you and that I love you everyday...every moment ....every second of the day....

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